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Learn When To Say No

May 21, 2009

There’s a basic trajectory to most artist’s existence. At first they are hungry for any gig. They want to get their name out there and want to establish a reputation. To do that most bands will open for your grandma at her seniors home if they get a chance. But once you’re at the point in your career where gig are coming in steadily, your fans are growing, and you have established something of a name for yourself then it may be time to be picky (somewhat).

Only you can decide if a gig is right for you, but saying no to some gigs is just as important as saying yes to others. There is no “squeeze to juice” ratio that can be applied to everyone, yet if it feels like it’s going to be a crap gig, then it may very well be.

No band can play every gig that they’re offered and if you try to do so, you may see things unravel quickly. Saying no to some gigs may feel weird but if you’re not accomplishing anything, or more importantly are not having FUN then why do it?

Playing gigs that take away from your bands momentum, over extend you, or don’t advance the cause can’t be good for you or the audience. Don’t get me wrong playing lots of gigs will help you, but if the gig doesn’t fit with you and where you are going then it’s okay to say no.

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  1. May 22, 2009 5:39 pm

    Right now I play lead guitar/mandolin in one band and front another band. Im feeling less and less thrilled about being the side man and realize the only real way to get to the next level of my would be career is I got to let something go. Jack of all trades master of nothing.

    I guess it would only make sense if I had cross over fans from one band to the next. But it doesnt cause the styles are so vastly different.
    its good to have options right? HA!

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