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Be A Shark: Keep Moving

May 5, 2009

I’ve read that sharks can’t stop moving. If they stop they die. Well recently I’ve come across a dead shark.

The band The White Light Riot have a solid internet presence and a pretty slick MySpace. I caught the vibe on a few of their tracks and tried to dive deeper.

Although they have no tour dates on their MySpace I cut them some slack, maybe they’re recording. I checked their MySpace blog and it was last updated nearly a year ago. Still, I thought maybe they hate MySpace, so I checked out their web site and gasp! has been suspended asking the owners “please contact the billing department as soon as possible”

I don’t know much about The White Light Riot but to me they appear to be a dead shark.

Are you a dead shark? Do you have any pages that haven’t been updated in months? Sites that have old or incorrect info? Have you been swimming? Have you bee interacting with your fans? Have you been staying connected?

In today’s music world you have no choice. You must keep moving. New music,  new pictures, new blogs.  Even something as simple as updating your Twitter  daily is something that can keep you moving. Artists are more like sharks then you think. If they stop they die. Many bands stop for a moment and slowly die.  You’ve gotta keep the momentum going because this is your life, now make it your career. Be a shark, keep moving.

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