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No Spam Required

March 26, 2009

Hoover is in love with Seth Godin. I am not, but I will give credit where credit is due, as he does have some solid ideas. One of them is based around permission and the idea that spamming the world doesn’t work.

This is a no brainer for some, and yet every week we are cluttered with artists who are looking for me, and for you, to check out their killer new track, to sample their dope beats, to add them as a friend, and give them a listen.

This does not work, this is spam. This is the reason MySpace is slowly fading away while permission based social networks like Twitter and Facebook are winning new users.

Getting noticed in today’s world of a billions of bands, may seem daunting and although sending unsolicited messages can look like a reasonable idea, it’s truly counter productive. It bothers the user and wastes your own time.

Spam never really works, and never really has. The same formula for achieving long lasting success hasn’t changed since the internet arrived.

Just create something special!  Something truly special. Share it with your fans and if it connects they will be your zealots. They will spread your music and do all the leg work for you and except for a tasty snack while you’re on tour their is no spam required.

Take Control of Your Music


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