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Prince Does Subscription Music

March 16, 2009

Prince is such a weird dude.

At times battling with his fans over which photos can be used on the net, and then other times giving his music away with a morning paper. And we haven’t even touched his music, style, or guitar choices.

So in a way, it’s unsurprising that Prince is once again leading the way with subscription music.

For $77 you can downloads Prince’s three new albums that will be available as CD’s from Target on March 29th. Along with those albums you get a robust selection of exclusive videos, behind the scenes action, news and concert info. Although $77 may seem like a nice chunk of change to spend on Prince, a $35 subscription fan club fee is rolled into that.

It’s interesting to see artists making the subscription model work. Much of the talk on the net these days has been about a subscription model for all music. But with the majors wasting their time trying to stop new technology, artists are making things happen themselves.

Starting your own subscription based music service is do-able. Although you do need a fanbase, the size of that fanbase does not need to be as large as Prince’s. All you really need are a few hundred die hard fans and enough quality content to make it worth while.

P.S. The video above is just the best quality Prince video on YouTube. Prince hates YouTube.

Take Control of Your Music


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  1. March 16, 2009 11:02 pm

    We all know I love prince (except for his last album). But he really is thinking ahead. When the interweb started he was one of the first to start up an interactive website and his strength is in his fans. $77 does seem a bit steep but I know from experience that it will be worth the money. Prince is always recording and he’ll put out extra bonus jams that will quickly pay off the 77 smackers you put down.


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