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It’s Official, Billy Corgan Is Insane

March 11, 2009

Billy Corgan is a tool.

Speaking to congress about the impending Live Nation + TicketMaster merger Billy boy said this:

“…The combination of these companies creates powerful tools for an independent artist to reach their fans in new and unprecedented ways, all the while restoring the power where it belongs…In short, we have a broken system. This is a new model that puts power into the hands of the artist, creating a dynamic synergy that will inspire great works and attract healthy competition. The proposed merger you have before you helps create those opportunities by boldly addressing the complexity of the existing musical and economic landscapes.”

How can this man say this with a straight face? The power into the hands of artists! That’s laughable, especially after the Bruce Springsteen/TicketMaster debacle. What independent artist do you know using Live Nation? . . um. . there are none. The only people who use Live Nation are geriatric rockstars.

Also isn’t this a massive conflict of interest?  Billy Corgan is managed by Frontline, which is headed by Irving Azoff who also just happens to be the CEO of Ticketmaster and is slated for a top position in the new merged company!

Billy Corgan used to be painted as a rebel, an outsider. Now he is an obvious puppet for a dying regime. But all is not lost. Bob Lefsetz wrote an inspired post about the future music. It will live again because of truth and quality, not because of mergers like this.

Take Control of Your Music


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  1. March 11, 2009 7:01 pm

    That’s what I thought too until I saw this response from someone on Lefsetz’s site.

    To sum up, the Live Nation or Ticketmaster shows had lower fees and add-ons than the independent promoters. With that logic, if the merger is allowed, then concert prices will go down, add-on fees will go down, and everyone will benefit.

    I do think that the merger has some antitrust issues though and could lead to even higher prices, since they would determine both ends (what the artist gets paid and what the customer gets charged).

  2. March 11, 2009 7:09 pm

    They’ll find facts to make try and convince us that this will be good for everyone but I’ll believe it when my TicketMaster fees aren’t doubling the price of a ticket.

  3. Chris permalink
    September 29, 2009 7:15 pm

    Dude…just listen to Corgan, Staind, PJ, STP, Queens of the Stoneage, etc., and whoever is still worth a SHIT…(mostly from the 90’s), and SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!. THERE IS NO MUSIC WORTH A SHIT TODAY!!!!!!!!…THANK GOD WE HAVE 90’S ALT ROCK AND THANK GOD I GREW UP WITH IT!!!!! I WOULD HATE TO HAVE TO DEPEND ON FALLOUT BOT!!!!!!!

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