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Sharing Music 2.0: SoundCloud

March 4, 2009

SoundCloud is a new way to share, track, and view music online.

Typically downloading and sharing individual tracks involved either a direct email attachment or a redirection to a mp3 hosting site. Those hosting sites tend to have a plethora of ads designed to fool you into downloading the wrong thing or making you wait for 45 seconds. Nuts to that I say. We now have SoundCloud.

Sign up and upload your tracks to SoundCloud and you can see how many listens your music has had, how many times it’s been downloaded, commented on, all in a very sleek chart like way. Each track gets it’s own page and you get to control what users can do with your music (download, stream). Also SoundCloud has a reasonably customizable widget.

Another interesting feature on SoundCloud is the DropBox. This feature allows people to send you tracks but you don’t need to download them. Log into your SoundCloud drop box and play them without any tracks saved onto your computer unless you want to. The DropBox is an embeddable feature and you can post on any of your sites.

There’s definitely more to SoundCloud then meets the eye so be sure to take a look at the videos they have explaining the details. In any case SoundCloud looks like another step forward for musickind. Check it out.

Take Control of Your Music


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