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Music Industry Associations World Wide

February 19, 2009

Are you a part of a music industry association?

I have been a member of my local and national music industry associations for about 4 years. I joined them because I knew I wanted to make music my life, but I had no idea how to do that. I had heard about the funding opportunities, workshops, and conferences that these associations provide and ponied up the $30 a year.

I count that day, as the day I took my first solid steps into the professional music world. My local and national music associations have continued to connect me with great opportunities; to expand my musical knowledge, to meet talented people, and to connect me to a bigger world of music and musicians. I can’t say enough about these associations.

Not all of them are made alike, and not all of them will satisfy all that you need, but if you’re new to music or an old player there is always space to grow. These associations will facilitate that growth, take advantage of them.

National Music Associations:

  • Socan – Society Of Canadian Authors & Composers
  • AFM – American Federation of Musicians
  • Australian Music Office – Australian Music
  • RIANZ – Recording Industry of New Zealand
  • BMI – Like Socan, BMI is a performing right organization
  • ASCAP – American Society of Authors & Composers

Regional Music Associations in Canada:

Regional Music Associations in the United States:

  • AFM – The American Federation of Musicians seems to do a good job at providing musicians in every region with the right tools. Google your region + AFM and you should find what your looking for.

Regional Music Associations in Australia:


So that’s a start. I know there are more out there. Europe has tons of music associations that I didn’t even go near. So if you belong to a great music association, in North or South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Mars, whatever, let us know. This list is expanding.

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