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Making Friends & Music Connections

February 8, 2009

– An excerpt from The New Rockstar Philosophy book out in March 2009–

Networking = Making Friends. Making friends with other bands can lead to further opportunities for everyone involved. If one band starts to break out, who do you think they’ll likely take out on tour??

Relationships are a give and take. They do you a favor, you do them a favor. It’s worth noting that you should be willing to reach out and do them a favor without expectations. Good things will come from your initiatives. It could be volunteering to handle the door or to help set-up before a show. This way you build trust and friendship. Plus, it’s good Karma.

Meeting People is Easy

Hang Out With Other Bands:

Musicians tend to hang out with each other. The more people see your face, the more opportunities to develop friendships and relationships with like-minded people.

Volunteer to Go on Tour with a Local Band:

Touring as merch/tour manager will give you experience as what it’s like to be on tour so you can bring that experience to your own band if you aren’t as ready. You’ll be interacting with non-local club owners, bands, and others involved in the live music business.

Join Your Local Music Industry Association:

Joining your local music industry association will give you a heads up on workshops and conferences. You’ll start meeting people knowledgeable about the industry at these events. These associations can be tremendously helpful in many strange ways. Take advantage of them.

Work at a Live Music Club:

Get a job at your favorite venue and get to know the person who books the shows. You’ll see how bands approach the booker and why the booker chooses bands for the club. You’ll have a solid connection to the booker if you want to play at the venue.  You’ll see a lot of bands and know a great live band from a so-so band. You’ll also get to interact with bigger touring acts and build connections there.

Work at a Music Store:

Get a job at your favorite music store. Musicians need to buy gear, so you’ll meet all sorts of like-minded people. You’ll learn and get to test out the latest recording gear.  You’ll learn sales, you may even get deals on gear at your store for your band, and you may get some shelf space if your band has a CD.

Take Control of Your Music,


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