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Elements of Timeless Songs

February 3, 2009

A few months ago The New Rockstar Philosophy had the privilege of speaking with David Kershenbaum. David has worked with huge names in the industry like Tracy Chapman, Cat Stevens, Joan Baez, and many more. We asked him about his forte; songwriting. What he said was interesting and yet classic:

A timeless song is for all people at all times. It is not genre specific and does not rely on gimmicks to get its point across. In my experience it would be both emotional (lyrics and story touching people at the level of the heart) as well as melodic (a blend of hooks and melodies) which complement the story of the song and cause people to sing it or play it over and over again. I always say that a timeless song is bigger than the sum of its parts and takes on a life of its own.

We asked David about a few other things like the rock star life, what iPods are doing to the mixing process, and other such things (we’ll feature those soon), but ultimately what David’s answers kept coming back to was the songs.

Stay focused on yours songs. Every line, every syllable, every beat needs to be there for a reason.

Take Control of Your Music,


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