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Pink Floyd Producer on Quality

January 31, 2009

Bob Lefsetz gets emails from Bob Ezrin.  Bob Ezrin, famed producer of Pink Floyd, Bob Ezrin.  In the e-mail, Bob talks about quality and his advice for new artists.  Although he comes from the old school record business, he knows good music and good musicians. Check out some of his wise words.

“First, be special.  Make something of such high quality that anyone would care.  Create something that is special – unique and capable of moving others in a meaningful way.

But whatever you do, DO NOT pick a market and try to create for it.  No one is born a hack. Hacks are failed or jaded artists, each and every one. Create from your heart and from your will. Your will is what you use to keep you practicing and trying and trying to get better at what you do.  Your heart is where the inspiration comes from so use that ability to make something really truly special.  But above all DO NOT listen to critics, pundits or “experts” who try to bend you to what is happening now.  By the time you get there, now will be long gone. – Bob Ezrin

It’s hard to add anything to that, so I’m going to emphasize the a few points.

1. Be Special

That’s so important today. When anyone can strum a tune and put it up on youtube or myspace, how you do you rise above the clutter?  When we have so much competing for our attention, being special is necessary.

2. Be Authentic

People can smell phonies a mile away. All the greats were uniquely themselves. Authenticity comes from knowing yourself. Know yourself and make your music.

Take Control of Your Music,


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