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Twitter: 140 Characters and the Truth

January 30, 2009

140 characters and the truth.

This is already old news to a lot of you, but twitter is the new online connecting tool. Send short blurbs about whatever you want,  whenever you want, to whoever will read. It’s simple, fun, and the newest internet phenom.  It’s like an email list with A.D.H.D

3 Reasons why bands should be on twitter.

1. Easy way to keep fans consistently in the loop.

Sending out e-mail news every so often is ok, but too much is just annoying.  Twitter actually encourages regular posts/tweets to make the site engaging.  Being able to give regular up-to-the date minute news can be critical, if fans need to be in the know.  Let’s say you’re going to miss tomorrow’s tour show in Detroit because of an unforseen illness. You can post that immediately on twitter.

The fans will know what’s up in advance, so they aren’t left pissed off at the door.

2.  A cool way to have a conversation online with a bunch of fans.

The idea of your favorite band actually being online through twitter offers the chance that you actually might get to communicate in real time with them.

The hardcores would totally be into that.  They get to twitter talk to the band every so often. Having your favorite band reply back to you on your twitter wall is almost like a badge of honor. You’re being acknowledged in virtual public.  It gets harder for a real connection with huge bands, but for you indies, it’s prime for building fan relationships.

3. Traffic re-director to your main site

Since you can’t really post music or video directly on twitter, you can redirect people to the site where the good stuff is. If you’ve posted a new blog, you can feed it in to twitter, so people remember to check it out.

Look who’s using it so far: -You’ve heard of them right? many girls has she kissed? -this has to got to be fake, but I dunno… guys are all over twitter.– You think this mouth piece would be without twitter? -You’re following us right?

Remember, twitter is just another tool to stay in touch with fans and promote your band.  The tool is not going to help if the songs aren’t there.

Take Control of Your Music,


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  1. January 31, 2009 1:07 am

    OMG this song is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!! Barf!

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