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Artists House Live Broadcast

January 29, 2009

Yesterday held an interactive live broadcast with George Howard. It was not without some technical issues, but it was fun and informative.

Streaming video conferences, or whatever you want to call this sort of thing, are not new, but to me, it seems as though the general public has finally caught up to the technology. Most people have computers and internet connections with enough power to use video streaming technology to their benefit.

The possibilities of utilizing streaming video are only limited by your own ideas. You could stream your live show, your jams, a band house party, anything really.

Hoover didn’t see the benefit of streaming versus YouTube. But the main thing people must remember about streaming is the live factor. Things change in live performances; Songs get longer, bands get experimental, and in general live music is more fun then recorded stuff.

All of this can be put up on your YouTube channel, but bands usually leave those sort of imperfections on the cutting room floor.

Video Streaming is not going to save rock’n’roll but it should be another part of your arsenal if you are using the web in forward thinking ways.

I believe Artists House will be having more of these live broadcasts in coming weeks. Check them out, we’ll all probably learn a thing or two.

Take Control of Your Music,


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