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The Importance of a Music Scene

January 18, 2009

If you aren’t making friends with other bands in your town, you probably should start. A music scene is based on a bunch of bands who help drive interest in local music.

It’s like a support group. You go to another band’s show, they come to yours.  You hang out with them and you start to make friends with their friends. Their friends start coming to your shows. You start hanging out with other bands and you start to put on and promote shows and tours together.

Would it feel good to know people you trust are keeping an eye on the van and merch while you’re on stage in another city?

Last night, Voyno, Heavy (from Arms Up), and I went to one of our friend’s shows. They hadn’t played in awhile so the place was packed. Every few minutes, you’d see or run into someone you knew who was in another local band. The support was there.

Take another example. We know a dude who wasn’t in a band but hung out all the time with local bands and came to shows. He’s a easy to like guy who befriended everyone.  Guess what happened when he started a band and played his first show? The place was pretty much sold out. How often does that happen at a band’s first show?

I know meeting people can be hard, but you’ve got one solid commonality when making friends with other bands: the love of music.

I leave you with Joe Cocker’s version of The Beatles’ “With a little help from my Friends.” It features Brian May on Guitar and Phil Collins on drums.

Take Control of Your Music,


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  1. January 19, 2009 4:25 am

    I like your notion of a music scene as a support group. I think too often it’s seen as competition. Particularly in small town Saskatoon, when maybe one band “breaks” every five years (various definitions of success, notwithstanding). As if there’s only so much success to go around or something!

    Now go out there and make friends with that scarf-wearing, esoteric, and pretentious lot!

  2. January 20, 2009 2:42 am

    It’s good to know there is some community in such isolated places like Saskatoon. My old scene in Lethbridge AB, has had it’s high moments, but too many “too cool for school” cover bands and “let’s break shit” punks have all but destroyed the entire scene.

    Luckily there are good people who are still out there booking gigs and making the best of everything they can, keeping the scene alive.

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