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Remix: Your Parts Your Promotion

January 5, 2009

You’ve probably heard many acts keep the instrumental versions of their tracks in case there’s a demand for placement in a commercial or film. You’ve also probably heard about hip hop acts who put out a-capella records with just the emcee rapping, so a DJ can easily mix it with other records. The DJ gets to be creative and the emcee gets the DJ’s audience.

But what if you were an indie rock act?

What if a DJ/beat maker took your hooky guitar part, remixed it  into something a lot of people got into, and as a result, introduced your band to a lot more people. Normally, the re-mixer would have to sample the part they wanted, but it takes time to find a part you want to use that has no other music

If you had your instrumental tracks and vocal tracks available separately,  you’d make the life of the re-mixer a lot easier. Some people may even pay you for the right to use your music, so why not have it available as per request? Hell, why not make it a free and see what happens? Just ask that you get to hear it before the release and that you get a link back to your site/myspace.

I know the idea of someone taking your work of art and making it something else may seem distasteful, but you never know who might be sending you new fans because of a re-mix.

I’m sure Herbie Hancock got some new fans after this song was released:

Take Control of Your Music,

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  1. January 5, 2009 10:19 pm

    I’d make so many remixes if I could get the stems.

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