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Distractions on Your Music Journey

December 31, 2008

I’ve developed a theory about the state of music in the 21st century; Music is suffering because people are distracted.

The reason Bob Dylan and The Beatles were able to be so successful at such a young age was that there was little to distract them. They had their own music, some radio, some records, and a little bit of TV. They got to Malcom Gladwell’s 10,000 hours mark a lot quicker then the musicians of today.

Today we have the hundreds if not thousands of TV channels, video games, and websites, all created to grab our attention and keep it. Yet, when you think about all of the information that you slog through on a daily basis, precious little is truly related to your music.

The Beatles played for 5 SETS A NIGHT in Hamburg. Dylan traveled across the country to play music and learn from Woody Guthrie. They started earlier and achieved their dreams quicker. Not because they were more talented or luckier.  They achieved mastery of their craft because of FOCUS.

They knew what they wanted, to created great music, and they did not allow themselves to get distracted. When artists get distracted, they forget things, they get lazy, and the music suffers.

Focus. Focus. Focus. You hold the key to your musical journey. Make it happen.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Stay safe. Stay focused.

Take Control of Your Music,


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