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The LeBlanc Newsletter: 360 Deals

December 24, 2008

Larry LeBlanc recently interviewed Bruce Allen & Sam Feldman, management for Joni Mitchell, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, etc. It’s a cool article. It illuminates the thoughts of a few major music players about 360 deals and the future of the industry.

Here are a few interesting excerpts from the interview:

SAM: Universal is doing 360 deals too. What the labels are doing is a continuation of cutting their own businesses off at their knees. They are going to force managers who are on the fence about digital distribution business to do those things. A lot of artists just won’t do these kind of deals.

It’s a Moroccan Bazaar and artists need an interpreter. We are the interpreters, and we are the artist advocates.

Would you do a 360 with LiveNation?

BRUCE: No. Who’s going to market the music? They are a touring company. They aren’t going to staff up with 90 people to sell records. They will have Warners or Sony as a distributor instead.

Oh Major Labels when will you ever learn.

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