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Piracy, Control, and the Human Mind

December 23, 2008

There is nothing the human mind wants more then freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to want, freedom to think, freedom.

Freedom is the reason the internet works on such a primal level. It gives us more freedom. And on the internet there is seldom a freedom more infringed upon then our freedom to hear.

To quote Louis Armstrong, there is good music and there is bad music. It’s that simple.

I love good music. I want to hear good music. I will do everything in my power to access good music. The internet is the platform for accessing that sort of freedom. The RIAA can attempt to control it all they want but where there is a will, there is a way.

You see, what the RIAA and other various music controlling bodies do not realize is that THEY WILL NEVER BE BIGGER THEN THE MUSIC. They will always be the ones who try and slap your wrist for pursuing your freedom to hear.

I realize that the RIAA once represented the best interests of Artists, or at least were purported to, but this is the 21st century. Things are changing, things have changed. Music is being created by more and more humans, and humans are accessing and consuming music more then they ever have.

The RIAA can’t control that. No one can control that.

Hoover just posted about Corey Smith. This man gives away his music and people flock to him. He realizes that the idea of piracy is changing and has changed. He knows that music will always find a way. And GOOD MUSIC will always destroy the obstacles of its control.

The RIAA will always lose because they are trying to control a piece of our humanity. Humans want freedom.

Take Control of Your Music,


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  1. December 27, 2008 6:02 am

    Good, thought provoking piece, man. Good read.


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