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Local God Syndrome

December 19, 2008

I want to talk to you about a very serious epidemic that seems to be sweeping music scenes across the world. Collapsing many of the bands who contract the disease, destroying relationships within weeks, and crumbling local music scenes indiscriminately.

The disease is called: Local God Syndrome

A powerful epidemic that can be avoided with one easy action. Swallow your pride.

LGS affects bands differently, and effects local music scenes differently, but here are some of the trademarks of LGS (If you fit any of these criteria you should, as the Beastie Boys put it, check your head).

Are you….

  • Passing up shows because you think they’re below you?
  • Playing shows infrequently but are walking around with a big head?
  • Snubbing other local musicians because they have not achieved the appropriate local status?
  • Just paying lip service to other local bands but not really helping them out?
  • Just a cynical scenester?
  • Adding anything to your local community?
  • Helping AT ALL?

If you have read the list and are offended or find your self scoffing then you probably have been/are effected by Local God Syndrome. Don’t worry everyone catches it from time to time. All you need to do is chill out and remember that Karma is a good thing.

Remember that gawd awful movie with that kid from the 6th Sense, Pay it Forward? That’s the cure for LGS. Help out a band, help out a fellow musician, help out your scene.

And really, if you do see yourself or your band fitting into any of the LGS criteria it should be a moment of joy. You now know what to do, and how to fix. Just be a cool cat, and good person. It’s YOUR SCENE. There is no shortage of success in our internet world.

Local bands have to stick together because you are a stronger together then divide.

Take Control of Your Music,


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  1. savageblessing permalink
    December 19, 2008 4:42 pm

    Hey Hey — Thanks for your kickass words about my writing. And yup, since 2004, sometimes daily and at least weekly.

    As far as your point about LGS, I have to kind of agree. Although, I come from a local scene that is strong and vibrant – and it is all due to the fact that we function together as a scene rather than as a group of bands. The locals go to other local shows, and we all support one another. So much so, that every year on the 26th of December there is a christmas party of sorts for people who are in the scene and only them. Bands, solo artists, poster artists, radio personalities, booking managers, label reps all of them go and hang out it’s kind of neat and reinforces the idea that we have to stick together to get by.

    Have I ever told you about the little homegrown label I had in Hamilton? We based our whole practice around the idea that we had to work together to make something good. Every band on the label was expected to participate in things like folding inserts or stuffing envelopes somehow. And for the most part, they did, and happily. There is one exception I can think of, where LGS infiltrated the dynamic …….but he got ousted by the rest of the bands on the label….

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