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Band Website Besides Myspace?

November 21, 2008

Recently a friend of mine spent a pretty penny on getting a beautiful website setup. He felt that his money was well spent as now his fans have a place where they can learn more about his band. His band website has a slick feel and everything you’d expect it to have.

But I wonder, is this a relic from the web 1.0? Cannot Myspace fulfill his needs while at the same time being cheap and easy?

We all can agree that Myspace is annoying and cumbersome at times, but for the casual listener, and even for the die-hard fan, it’s probably the first place to go. An external website can provide viewers with slick video, rare tracks, or other interesting information, but can’t Myspace do that too….

Myspace is still the King of social media. It’s slowly dying, and there are other great music sites out there, but its still the first place many people go to hear new music. Why not pimp your Myspace instead of asking fans to go to ANOTHER website. 

Personally I think unless you are U2 or Pearl Jam, the idea of having another website is quite ludicrous. Save money, connect to fans, and keep it fresh, all on Myspace.

Take Control of Your Music,


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