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Interview with Kurt Cobain’s Manager

November 18, 2008

You’d think a guy who did PR for Kiss, Led Zeppelin and managed Nirvana would have something to say.

Turns out he does.

Music industry veteran Danny Goldberg recently sat down with the Huffington Post to talk about his new book, “Bumping into Geniuses: My Life in the Music Business.”

I’ll let you take a look yourself, but here are a few good quotes from the interview:

Huffpo: Why were hugely successful bands like Kiss and Led Zeppelin so concerned with their media image even after they were filling stadiums?

Danny Goldberg: Always pushing for more is a characteristic of people that are really successful. Never being 100% satisfied seems to drive people to do more. So, although it can be an unattractive quality it can also be a very useful quality in someone. It just depends on how it’s harnessed.

Huffpo: You mention that it isn’t enough to have talent. You have to have a talent for having talent.

Danny Goldberg: I think that artists that I’ve met who have been successful all had some desire to be successful. Not that they would always do things the easiest way or most commercial way, but they had a focus that helped propel them. Like Stevie Nicks doing the songs with Tom Petty at a certain time or working with a producer that, at first blush, was not part of the community that she was into. Or Bruce Springsteen focusing on trying to get a pop radio hit. The music business is competitive and having musical talent itself is not sufficient.

“The music business is competitive and having musical talent itself is not sufficient.”

That says something we all need to be reminded of.  There’s work involved.

I can’t wait to pick this book up.

Take Control of Your Music,


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  1. November 18, 2008 4:22 am

    Very insightful. Even in the electronic dance music culture DJ’s are requiring to have much more of an edge. It’s no longer all about being able to just play the music. I dare say it’s about being able to create an autonomous subculture.

    Great stuff. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂


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