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Discovering Music Via Movies

November 10, 2008

Recently, I watched the Tom Petty and The Hearbreakers Biography/Documentary, “Running Down a Dream.” Now I always appreciated Petty’s songs, but never really considered myself a fan.

After watching, I found myself seeking out albums and songs to take-in more of what I saw in the film.  The documentary did such great job of telling the story of the Heartbreakers, in a way that engages the non-fan.

The whole idea got me thinking of the power of movies and music together. Music adds so much to film and a film can help you discover new music.

Think Fight Club and The Pixies. Sure, there were a ton of Pixies fans before, but I guarantee their fan base grew a lot more after Where’s My Mind was placed at the end of movie.

What does this mean to you an artist? There are plenty of independent filmmakers who need music to make  their film really have impact. Your song could be placed on a soon-to-be cult classic. That film could create an international audience for you.

Take Control of Your Music,


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3 Comments leave one →
  1. November 10, 2008 5:30 pm

    Snatch Soundtrack! I shan’t say more.

  2. November 12, 2008 4:13 pm

    always liked that ‘golden brown’ song on that soundtrack. quality post, hoover, interesting thoughts

  3. November 12, 2008 11:57 pm

    Golden Brown! That song is fantastic.


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