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The Postal Service in a UPS Commercial??

November 8, 2008

 Ben Gibbard

This UPS ad came out while ago featuring the music of The Postal Service, a Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) side project. The band is a more electro version of Death Cab and actually helped build up the popularity of Death Cab.

Anyways, UPS used the 30 second intro music (the best part in my opinion) to a song called “Such Great Heights.” The song was also a single from the album, so the commercial served as a promotional tool for the band.

 The point of this post is not to talk about the money Ben recieved for the placement, the irony of the band name and UPS, or about “selling out.”

The point is to remind you of the impact of music.

Imagine this commercial without the music. It would be BORING as hell. Who wants to have a guy try and sell them UPS??

With the music, the ad has this almost dramatic feel. It actually seems like UPS is doing something cool. The music adds an emotional element, making an otherwise boring guy, talking about a boring service …….. actually engaging. 

Here’s the Ad:

Here’s the Postal Service Music Video:

Take Control of Your Music,


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