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Incentives To Buy Physical Music

November 1, 2008

Between The Buried and Me

While blogging about the progressive hardcore band, Between The Buried and Me, I noticed they weren’t hawking their CD, but instead the Vinyl version of their album, Colors.

They know what’s up regarding CD sales, especially with their youth based audience. They even stepped it up and are offering the vinyl version in two different colors. Fans can get a little bit of customization out of this. Yes, it’s gimmicky, but does it help sell more physical music? Probably.

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  1. November 6, 2008 11:28 pm

    I think offering different colors of the vinyl version is a great idea! I enjoy CDs for the artwork, booklet, etc. but I think a lot of people would rather just download off of iTunes.

    Not only is there a big vinyl resurgence but also the collectors will go nuts over this. One of my favorite bands, Rocket From The Crypt, put out several vinyl versions of most of their releases (along with slews of 7″‘s, 5″‘s and 10″‘s) and I know several people including myself who have as many copies of these as possible. Kudos to Between the Buried and Me for doing a little extra for their fans.

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