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Self-Publishing Your Own Songbooks

October 30, 2008

Between The Buried and Me, a progressive hardcore band, has been going DIY with their songbooks. Both the guitarist and bass player have self-published their parts to two of the band’s albums. They are selling it to fans who want to know how to play the songs.

You take a listen to the band and you’ll know why a songbook is worth buying if you’re interested in learning their songs.  They are mad technical.

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  1. October 30, 2008 3:29 am

    “Colors” is definitely one of the best concept albums of the last couple years. “Sequel To The Prequel” and “White Walls” are amazing tracks, and really show their talent as song writers.

    Another great concept album is “Trainwreck” by Boys Night Out. Still rock, but a tad more accessible then BTBAM.


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