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Sandisk slotMusic

October 23, 2008

Tuesday 8:30 PM, The Yard & Flagon Pub.

“Oh man did you hear the new Oasis record?”

“No man, how is it?”

“Dude, I have it on Sandisk! Let me just…. uh where is the uh.. MicroSD…. that’s the one right?”

“No its the other side i think”

“Oh hear it is. Ah shit, I can’t get the tab to flip down… wait…. ah.. almost… ”

“Here’s a guitar pick”

“Perfect! Now just, open this.. okay. Got it. Sweet. Now… what the?? Ah shit, I opened up the wrong side. This is the charger side. Uhhhhhhhhh, i hate this shit… Okay so now, there we go. Perfect.”

“Cool man, that thing is tiny! Pass it this way.”

“Here mate, wait, you got it?”


Enter Waitress bumping the table as the MicroSD is being passed between hands.

“Ahhhhh noooooo, Shiiiiiiiiiit”

“Where’d it go?”

“It fell, awww shit, now its on the dirty bar floor. Gaaaaaaaaad.”

“How much was it?”


“Screw that! I’ll just download it tonight…..FOR FREEEEEEEE”


Sandisk SlotMusic cards, fun times for everyone.

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  1. October 23, 2008 9:27 pm

    hahaha. too true

  2. October 25, 2008 2:18 pm

    i bought an r4sdhc from works perfectly and delivery was only 3 days …. sweet as


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