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Interview with Blink-182/Angels and Airwaves Manager

October 20, 2008

Blink 182

I came across an interview with Rick Devoe, former manager of Blink 182 and current manager of Angels and Airways, New Found Glory, and others.

The interview is dated (2001), but there’s still relevant stuff.

A key quote I found:

“I think that most bands who send demos are looking for a quick way to get one step closer to the dream. Bands really need to work on their street vibe, so that they can develop a story from the street. Make it `organic´, not `overnight´. Work on being a better musician. The label people will come if you’re working hard and people are talking. Network with your local clubs and promoters, work your way up by getting on great shows. Once you do, network with the bigger bands. They attract the industry.”

What I really like about this is that he’s talking about building success in steps.  It’s rare that band goes from nothing to huge overnight. Keep track of your progress and put in the work.

Take a look at this vid of Blink 182 way back in the day (1995), before they were on a major:

Take Control of Your Music,


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