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Where to Put Your Music!

October 18, 2008

Hey Folks,

just updating the world on our “Music Online” tab here at the New Rockstar Philosophy. We’ve organized the sites a little better and we’ve added a few new ones. There are some key sites below that can allow musicians to reach new audiences and attract more fans.

In particular I would recommend Tunecore, PodSafe Network, and Take a look at each site and see what you think.

Also if you have any suggestions for new sites let us know. This list is ever expanding.

To SPREAD your music go here:

PodSafe Music Network:

This service provides your music to independent radio podcasters around the world. It is a fantastic way to spread your music to new ears around the world. Sign up is easy and you can sell your music on their network as well. Remember to list your music in the right genre or you may be looked over.


This is a hugely popular website where you can stream and sell your music. You do run the chance of being lost in the sea of other artists but its really quite essential if you plan on garnering a bigger audience. Sign up is easy, and there are the basic modifications so you can tailor your site as you see fit.

Is like a high class youtube with extras. It has a lot going on other then videos (which are great quality). It’s a sort of social network with music playlists, pictures and comment areas (walls). It’s definitely a great resource for artists. Sign up and stay active.

PureVolume was the myspace of 2004, but now its mainstays are primarily guitar oriented bands. Emo, Metal, and Screamo bands are in the thousands. The website is far better suited to music than myspace and still can be used as an important tool in your multimedia attack. Check it out and decide if it’s for you.

Another site like myspace, but revolves around music. Music fans can create mixtapes and the site was created by musicians for musicians. Nice interface too.


to SELL your music go here:

Tunecore is an online aggregater. For a reasonable price, they will place your music in as many digital music stores as you want. iTunes comes in Canadian, American, and European formats. If you want them in all three, it will cost you more then just one. They also deal with Rhapsody, eMusic, and other reputable digital music stores. This website is professional and you can see where your money goes.


Amie street is an online auction for your music. the more popular your music the more it costs. the less popular the cheaper it is. It has some heavy hitters on their roster, so the credibility is there. Sign up is easy and they pay you the standard paypal way. Head to their website for a detailed breakdown of all things amystreet.


to ASSIST you music go here: takes the Twitter micro blogging niches and goes deeper. caters to a specific type of person. The net savvy music lover. It looks like the site is about to explode, so sign up kids and be part of the movement.

After joining, you can not only spice up your own site according to your musical tastes, but you can also upload your own music and suggest track to other Blippers. Make sure your music is properly tagged and go hard kids. looks to be a interesting addition to the independent musicians arsenal.

Say if you have all these sites featuring your music, updating each one is going to be a pain right? That’s where ArtistData comes into play. They let you update all your music sites at once. It’s still in the beta stage, so you can only updates your shows. Still, we think this service will become more and more useful as the internet grows.

Reverbnation is packaged as an all encompassing website for artists. It has your standard music upload/listen widgets, blogs, and pictures with a twist. It is being specifically targeted as an artist’s resource. You have mailing list options, you have embeddable music players, and most impressively, a close inspection of how your traffic arrives to your music. There’s good lookin’ charts, graphs, and numbers. If you can get past the jargon and the intensity of the site, then its worth a look.

This site is an awesome resource for blogs. Find blogs who will appreciate your type of music through this site. check it out and bookmark it. It will be critical to expanding your audience. Go there now.

This site is another cool way to sell your music. The idea is you sign up and get an application that can be placed in many different internet areas where you may or may not have a player. Blast my music has their own spin to their player, takes no fees from your songs, and other interesting stuff

Bebo is one of the biggest social network in Europe. That’s a lot of people. Think of Bebo as another type of Facebook/Myspace site. Sign-up was easy and the modifications were very standard. Music, photos, blogs, genres, etc were all there. It’s good to be active in all markets, so even if you don’t think you have a German fan base, you may be surprised.

A iTunes like store that will sell your mp3 for that magical $1 price, and will make ring-tones of your songs. There motto is, “Control your digital music distribution, keep your creative freedom.” Fairly standard stuff really. The design of the site is busy but they’re claim to fame is that they will take less of cut then iTunes. Details are on their website.

Cool! This is an online e-zine tailored to music lovers tastes. It’s free for users, but for bands, it’s a little more complicated. They have a section for bands at the very bottom of their page. Clicking on it gets you to the various ways you can be featured. Its not as simple as getting a user profile and throwing music up there. If you’re willing to spend some money, or send your music in for review consideration, then Idiomag could be for you.


Take Control of Your Music,


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  1. Kang permalink
    October 19, 2008 1:46 pm

    ReverbNation added a bunch of new services including digital distribution, press kits and this thing called Fan 360. Here is a link:

  2. October 19, 2008 2:08 pm

    Thanks for the heads up Kang.


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