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October 17, 2008

Have you heard of

It’s getting quite a bit of buzz lately. is a micro blogging site devoted to your music tastes. Micro blogging is essentially a status update. Twitter, the worlds largest micro blogging site has enjoyed incredible success in the last year, especially when it come to the world of politics.

Some musicians have taken up twitter. Enabling music fans to have an inside look into the lives of their favorite artists. takes that and Niches’ it even more. caters to a specific type of person. The net savvy music lover. It looks like the site is about to explode, so sign up kids and be part of the movement.

After joining, you can not only spice up your own site according to your musical tastes, but you can also upload your own music and suggest track to other Blippers. Make sure your music is properly tagged and go hard kids.

We’re adding to our Where to Put Your Music Online page.

Take Control of Your Music,


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