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Making The Physical Album Worth Buying

October 14, 2008


A couple posts ago, I talked about how a lot of independent artists and labels are offering free digital downloads with the purchase of the Vinyl Record.  Today, I was listening to Tool and wanted to talk about packaging as an incentive to buy the physical product.

If you’re a fan of tool, you know the great lengths they go to make their music a grand artistic expression. Their live show is a visual feast for the eyes and so is their CD packaging.

Their more recent album, 10,000 days, came with 3D glasses to enhance the fan experience of the CD artwork. It was different, it was unique, and gave an extra incentive to actually buy the physical album.

If you’re an artist who still wants to put out a CD, what can you do with the packaging to make it worth buying?

It doesn’t have to be as extravagant as Tool. It could be as simple as using different colored cd clam shells or octagon shaped cases. You could also package the CD inside a small box with additional artwork and extras.

Get creative, make it unique, make it worth buying.

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