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BitTorrent: The Thoughts of Many Music Fans

October 13, 2008

Came across a new post on TorrentFreak about how newer artists are embracing BitTorrent and using it to spread their music instead of focusing on selling it. It’s a good read, but one of the anonymous comments struck a chord in relation to the fan’s perspective.

To alot of people.. we’re just thieves..

Although copying isnt stealing.. we wont go into that again.

I WANT TO SPEND MONEY. I WANT to support my favorite artists.. and that’s what everyone forgets.. but give me something to spend my money on!

No I dont want your plastic discs.

Yes I want to see them in concert.

No I dont want your DRM and rootkits on my comp.

Yes I want to buy merchandise.

No I dont want to have to watch MTV to discover crap music.

Yes I want to explore music on my own on the internet.

If you dont give me what I want.. I WILL TAKE what I want. No exceptions.

Just like the RIAA would rather see my life ruined.. I rather see the RIAA go bankrupt.. then play along in there monopoly.”

Tough pill to swallow if you’re an artist or label who wants the old days back, but this is how many music fans feel today.

The fans are the ones who make or break artists. Listen to them and adapt.

Take Control of Your Music,


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  1. October 16, 2008 1:19 pm

    I’m working on a mechanism that meets the demand fans and musicians have for a service that lets the fans pay musicians for their music directly.

    In the future, people will buy music from musicians, not digital copies from publishers.

    After all, we can all make our own copies quite easily. What we can’t do however, is make great music. For that we need to pay musicians.

    This makes sense to me. But it still sounds like nonsense to too many people.

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