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AC/DC Makes Download History

October 13, 2008

Breaking News:

AC/DC will release its new album ‘Black Ice’ worldwide on October 20th, in physical format only since the band doesn’t sell its music online. However, the upcoming album has already been digitized by pirates, as it leaked to BitTorrent five days ago. In that time it has taken the trackers by storm, racking up a staggering 400,000 downloads.

A couple of weeks ago we ran a blog stating AC/DC was not going to release ‘Black Ice’ in digital formats.

The album was leaked 5 days ago and has been downloaded an astounding 400,000 times. Reportedly an internet all time best.

AC/DC would have made more money if they had released ‘Black Ice’ online, but really, I don’t think they care. They were built by the old guard and they are sticking with that sinking ship.

AC/DC have a strong enough fan base that they can stay only in the physical format world. But the game has changed. So unless you have sold one of the biggest selling albums of all time, you should probably make your music as accessible as possible.

Take Control of Your Music,


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