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Entertainment Filtered For You?

October 12, 2008

Peter Gabriel
I was just watching a YouTube presentation by Gerd Leonhard, (author of Music 2.0 and co-author of the Future of Music). In the presentation he talks about (backed by Peter Gabriel), a website which finds music, movies, web video, etc that caters specifically to you.

With more and more people blogging, sharing, creating, making noise, and competing for attention, how do you decide what to take in? Why spend the time searching for new music or movies, when you can be given new stuff that already caters to your tastes.

Amazon has been doing it for books, Itunes Genius is doing it with music based on your playlist, and is now doing it with video and music online.

It still needs more users and partners to make it a truly great recommendation resource, but it’s cool to see this happening.

Take Control of Your Music,


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