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Vinyl Comes With Free MP3 Download

October 10, 2008

I think a lot of music fans can agree that Vinyl is the best form of music in physical format. The artwork is large, it feels great to hold, and has an arguably better sound than CD/Digital.  Problem is, vinyl is still somewhat pricier to produce than a CD.  As a fan you gotta really want it, cause if the artist is any good, you’ll be able to find it for free on a torrent site.

So how are many artists increasing the value of the vinyl album and sweetening the deal for the fan? Buy the album on vinyl and get a free high quality digital copy.

As a fan, I get the artwork with the vinyl to listen to at home and get the entire digital album via high quality mp3s for my ipod when I’m on the go (without worrying about any spyware or viruses).

I’m stoked about that as a music fan. Give me more incentive to buy the music.

As an artist, what are you doing to sweeten the deal for your fans to encourage sales?

Take Control of Your Music,


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