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Chinese Democracy

October 9, 2008

…..uh should we take the bait? believe the hype?? From the band that has cried “wolf” so many times before?

Well, according to Billboard Magazine the long awaited Guns’n’Roses disc will be out in time for Christmas. Awww, I always knew Axl loved family holidays.

So let’s celebrate the fact that everyone in America will now receive a free Dr.Pepper! …oh and the disc should be okay as well.

I’ve heard the leak, and other then a coupla’ tracks that were bearable, most of the music was as dated as Axl’s career.

IF the album does come out, it will sell. Only because of the 10+ years of hype. Not because of the music. Chinese Democracy will be less of an album and more of a cultural reference, and a consistent joke for years to come.

“My god when is your book coming out?! Axl started and released another Chinese Democracy in less time”

Kudos Axl, your magnum opus could be the last big seller of this era.

Take Control of Your Music,


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