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Tips from Perez Hilton

October 4, 2008

Perez Hilton

I came across this video of Perez Hilton talking about his success as a celebrity/gossip blogger. What blew my mind was that he works 15-16 hours a day (beside weekends) on blogging. I bet he doesn’t consider it work cause he’s really into what he does, but still, that’s dedication.

His 3 points for success as a blogger and how they relate to success as an artist

1. Find a Niche

Perez is all about the gossip in celebrity-ville,

You may be all about the indie rock sound and take influence from the Arcade Fire, Yeasayer, The National, MGMT, and recently Vampire Weekend. You’re all about that scene. Your band belongs here.

2. You Have to be Different

Perez has his white-chalk drawings.

You may have 4 guitars in your band all playing different parts for every single song. That’s something fresh and unique. You have to stand-out from the thousands of other bands who fit the “indie rock” label. Are you trying too hard to sound like your influences, instead of fostering your own sound?

Vampire Weekend recently broke through as they came out with a paul simon/african music influenced sound. Totally different than most bands coming out of the indie rock scene.

3. You Gotta Work Hard

Perez works 14-16 hours on his blog daily.

Do you put out an album and then not put any energy into promoting it? Do you update your myspace blog often?  Are you playing live on a regular basis? Are you reaching out to make connections with other bands? Are you writing new music on a regular music? Are you learning all you can about the business?

Hey, I know you probably have a day job or are in school, but you gotta find the time to work on your band (not just the craft). If that means you sacrifice parts of your weekend and evenings, then so be it.

Take Control of Your Music,


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