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The Future of iTunes

October 3, 2008

I will keep this short.

Change is difficult for Dinosaurs (the Record Industry) to understand. They are comfortable with what they have.

They don’t look to the future. They look to the past and believe that old world answers will save them.

The problem is that the Asteroids are coming.

Some have hit already. Napster, Broadband Internet, Wireless Internet, the iPod, the iPhone.

The Dinosaurs worry only about the problems. They don’t see the solutions. Even though, with each technological change to the Record Industry, the money made has increased 10 fold.

And Let’s not fool ourselves. That is all that Dinosaurs care about, Money. They’re not looking to develop better music. To create new sounds. To uplift the souls of a nation, the moment when they need it the most. They are too busy working 7 days a week on the problem.

The solution is simple.

There are approximately 3.3 billion cell phone users (November, 2007), and 1,463,632,361 Internet users.

User x $3.00/per year =  a lot of money.

For that yearly subscription fee (the price will need to be negotiated) you can have your pick of any piece of music ever created. Download as much as you want as often as you want. This is the only way the Record Industry will survive.

It has to be done.

iTunes would be one hell of a market place if everything was “free.”

Take Control of Your Music,


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