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Sonicbids and Black Holes

October 1, 2008

Some scientists said that the Large Hadron Collider build between France and Switzerland might rip a whole in the time space continuum causing a blackhole and ending all that is!

Although most scientists agree that no blackhole was created, I beg to differ.

I think a blackhole ripped time open, went back to 2001 and cleverly disguised itself as  SONICBIDS!

The similarities are endless:

  • Both are bottomless pits. With Sonicbids you lose cash applying to festival after festival, contest after contest, and random submission after random submission.
  • Both are run by Panos Panay.
  • Both give off the allure of the unknown.
  • Both could cost you way too much.
  • Both are essentially a jazzed up version of something else.

Maybe they’re not exact replicas, but my word, you can spend a small fortune on that clever little site.

The main issue I have is their exclusivity with so many festivals. Of course if your band’s buzz is big enough you will probably get invited to those festivals anyway, but that only applies to a handful of bands at a time.

Yet when I think about it now, that seems like the best way to beat the system.


So here’s the recipe folks.

Put away your credit cards, keep your free myspace, and spend all of your efforts on crafting the songs and building a buzz.

Take Control of Your Music


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