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You Buy Music????!!!

September 25, 2008

So I’m having dinner with some cousins who just came into town and the conversation about downloading and piracy comes up. I say I buy music only if I think the artist is worth it (all their songs, if not most of their songs have to be great to me). I don’t buy single songs cause I want the album. Their response: “You BUY music?????”!!!

They were literally shocked at the idea of buying music. Mind you, these aren’t teenagers who are being brought up in the P2P world. We’re talking about 30 somethings here. 

It’s not that surprising really. I bet you know people around you (old and young) who scoff at the idea of paying for music. People of all ages do it (except maybe seniors, but they probably get their grand kids to do it for them).  My experience is just an example of what many people feel towards buying music. 

If you’re an artist, you probably aren’t too stoked reading this, but there’s hope. If you’re willing to adapt and change with the times, you will see a brighter future. If people are used to getting music for free, you have to give people more value and focus on areas where they will spend their hard-earned money on you.

If you give away a track if someone buys a t-shirt, you’ve just given them a bonus for buying something from you. If you give away a track for coming to the show, you’re creating more value in the ticket.  If you’re really ambitious and write a short novel that complements your latest album, you could give one away if the other is bought. Either way, the customer is getting more bang for his/her buck.

Creating music is all about self-expression, but creating a career is about connecting with people and having those people pay you for that emotional connection (not only through recorded music).

Make Great Music,


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