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Be Honest With Your Audience: FF’ers

September 17, 2008

Thousands of fans hurl bottles and shoes at tiny Reading stage

Rumours of a Foo Fighters secret gig yesterday (August 24) at the Reading Festival resulted in thousands of fans causing chaos in front of the BBC Introducing Stage.

A British punk band named The FF’ers were billed to be playing on the stage at 5pm (BST), causing rumours to spread around the site that the band name was a pseudonym for Dave Grohl‘s band.

By the time 5pm came around 3,000 fans had gathered around the small stage. When The FF’ers came on they were bottled by the angry fans, who were expecting to see the aforementioned US rockers play a secret show. The FF’ers had to abandon their set due to the chaos.

-Wow. That is one spectacularly messed up publicity stunt.

I have read conflicting reports about wheather the FF’ers actually spread the rumor themselves, but this debacle again shows you that you can’t fool your fans into liking you.

If you do, you may end up playing the Reading Festival and have it become a fight scene from Blues Brothers.

Lyrics baby, Lyrics,


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