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Nine Inch Nails: The Live Experience

September 15, 2008

The setting: Late July, in the interior of British Columbia. The night falls on the first official day of the inaugural Pemberton festival. The day had been warm, but in the mountains when night hits. the temperature drops 15 degrees within 5 minutes. The crowd, already numbering in the 10’s of 1000’s, grew restless as NIN finally took the stage.

Recounting this monumental night would be foolhardy. One has to experience it with all 5 senses to do it justice.

I, not wanting to miss any of it, had been waiting within the heart of the horde. The first lights flashed on and the crowd lit up. Pulsating, convulsing,jumping, screaming, punching, kicking, bleeding, vomiting, pissing, and finally shitting (literally) because of one man.

One vision. One amazing ability to tap into the pain that anyone has ever felt.

It’s not metal. It’s not electronica. This is a staging of humanity’s exorcism.

This is soul music.

Everything worked. The music, the band, the look, the man, and the otherworldly lights framed the band and the show in such a way, it made you forget who played before. NIN made the show an experience worth paying good money to see.

NIN has made the live experience something you have to go see. What are you doing to make your live show a must-see?

Lyrics baby, Lyrics,


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