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Calm Down Lefsetz

September 11, 2008

Re: TV Placement

This isn’t the 60’s or the 70’s.

Yes music is still alive, in fact, I would argue that it’s thriving.

Just because your old as hell doesn’t mean that your taste in music is superior to today’s generation.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ground breaking new bands that will/are changing lives, just as CSNY did for you.

If the amazing bands of today get no mainstream play, it is your generation’s fault for creating the bullshit radio world we live in. Clear Channel is probably not run by young hip 20 somethings. TV placement will EXPAND your audience not undercut it.

I discovered one of my all time favorite bands, The Pixies, through music placement.

The final scene in Fight Club as the buildings fall ‘Where is my mind’ starts up. Great band, great film, great placement.

Music is alive, music is thriving, trust me everything is gonna be fine.

Lyrics baby, Lyrics,


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