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The Original Niche Market: The UK

September 10, 2008

Both Hoover and I consider ourselves fairly versed in new music.

We troll Hype Machine for up and coming bands, hit the “big” blogs for new tracks, and attempt to and stay on top of both the mainstream and independant charts.

But still we miss things. Especially if they are located in the UK. Which I believe is the original niche market.

For a taste of what the UK market offers look no further then The NME, the original Hype Machine.

The NME devours new music at such a rate that one wonders if England can really keep up?

On the surface England seems like the place for new bands. Tom Petty, Nirvana, The Strokes, hell, probably even ZZ Top were huge in England before they were huge in America.

But with so many new bands being called next big thing, the number of bands that actually “make it” is limited at best. I would argue that even the Arctic Monkeys (which the NME lost its shit for) didn’t live up to the hype.


Like all healthy niche markets, the UK is a self sustaining one. Or at least appears to be.

Bands that I have never really heard (The Enemy, Pigeon Detectives, Late of the Pier) seem to be able to keep an audience and keep a career going in the UK.

So who cares if they don’t “make it.” America has always been a fickle market. If these bands can have CAREERS in the UK then why the hell do they need to sell out the Bowery Ballroom?


Here’s the best band out of the lot.

Lyrics baby, Lyrics,


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