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Working With a $0 Music Video Budget: Video 1

September 9, 2008

You don’t have to have a $300,000 music video budget to get people into your music.

There’s now many examples of videos that cost practically nothing to produce, but effectively turn people on to a band. 

For today’s post, I want to show you a Video EPK for one of my fav bands, GlassJAw. It’s a short series of clips to a single from their last album, Worship and Tribute.

The song is Ape Dos Mil and is one of my favorite songs by them. Check it out below:

It’s just a regular cam corder with clips of the band hanging out and playing live. It has crowd shots, merch shots,and basically lets you in on what GlassJAw is all about.  

The live footage alone in this video sealed the deal for me with this band. They broke up before I could see them live though! Arghhhh! I keep hearing they’re putting out a new album, so there’s still hope…

Anyways…Isn’t the goal of a music video to get people into your music, so they’ll buy an album, ticket, t-shirt, etc..??

In my opinion, the video EPK is more effective than their more glossy (and expensive) “real” video shown below:

What do you think?

We’ll continue to post more effective videos that cost little-to-nothing (or at least look like it), so you can start thinking of video ideas for your own music.


Make Great Music,


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