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Leaks, Suits, and Money

September 3, 2008

Metallica’s new record “Death Magnetic” leaked within the last few days.

If you look hard enough you can find it.

Here is what the Metallica Camp has said.

We know it has leaked on some bit torrent sites. So what, that happens all the time and we are not changing our plan.
Please tell radio NOT to play other songs, even if they stole the record. We are vigorously fighting to get it off the internet the best we can.
They are our partners and we have a ton for them that could be in jeopardy if they play other music. ( other than My Apocalypse or Cyanide)
Am Ex spent a bunch of money in the majors, per our direction.
ATT spent a ton of money based on our direction.
Clear Channel has a “Sneak Peak”. All with CONTENT.
We have a premiere EXCLUSIVE for radio hosted by Dave Grohl and Taylor.
We have a tour and pre sale that many many stations are part of.
We have the biggest marketing plan for a record ever happening RIGHT NOW and they need to be our partner. Its that simple.

This normally would not be an issue, but the popular view on leaks has changed recently when Lil’Wayne sold some 300,000 copies of his new album his first week.

The old gaurd claims that he should have sold another 300,000 pre-leak days, but the new guard knows better.

WE KNOW that when you have a sticky (great) product, leaks will ONLY HELP.

WE KNOW that when you get that sticky product to your die hard fans they become your EVANGELISTS.

WE KNOW that Lil’Wayne moved 300,000 copies his first week BECAUSE of the LEAK, NOT IN SPITE OF IT.

So calm down Metallica, the only reason people are still hanging around is because you made some great albums before and people still believe in you. Don’t bite the hand that feeds. Don’t bite the Fans.

Lyrics baby, Lyrics,


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