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50 Cent: Ultimate Band as Brand

August 27, 2008

There was a recent Forbes interview with 50 Cent regarding the music business and how’s he taking on the future. Dave Kusek went into detail about the interview, but in a nutshell, 50 knows that he has to think of new ways to make money.

He understands his popularity/celebrity/image is his brand and he’s extending it as far he can. He’s got G-Unit clothing, his own boutique record label, he’s a partner in VitaminWater, is actually considering going into natural resources, and probably a lot more.

Some of you might think that’s too much, but he knows focusing on just the album is risky. He wants to diversify and make sure his future is protected financially.

A lot of his fans will probably steal his album, but will still buy G-Unit clothing, concert tickets, VitaminWater, and more.

The key point to get from this blog post:

Everything about the 50 Cent Brand was built on and around the music, but the money isn’t being made on selling the recorded music anymore (it never really was for artists).

Make Great Music,


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