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The Jonas Brothers Archetype

August 18, 2008

One part catchy pop music

One parts cute kids

One part Major Label Marketing


The Jonas Brothers are just the latest in a long history of music acts aimed directly at preteen girls.

Everytime this formula is properly put into place the major labels merchandise the crap outta these kids and make off like bandits.

The most famous of these cases are The Beatles.

They were the original Jonas Brothers.

You could argue with me that Paul Anka or some other capable artist started this preteen money grab, but The Beatles perfected it. And like most young musicians they were screwed by their management, but that’s another blog post.

Keep your eye on these kids. I have a feeling that things may get turbulent.

….and with that thought I’ll leave you with a little bit of ancient turbulence.

Take Control of Your Music


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