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Taking on Obscurity: Embracing P2P

August 17, 2008

With the playing field levelling out, everyone and their Grandma can record a song and have it online. It used to be about trying to win-over the interest and attention of a label, but now it’s about winning the interest and attention from music fans. There’s so much choice, it’s  overwhelming. You have to stand out and be recommended by a trusted source. 

I’ve read many stories about how P2P has helped increase CD sales, ticket and merch sales for up and coming acts. P2P helped Jack Johnson break through. I remember reading somewhere where it was common for him to be signing burned copies of his debut album at shows. He didn’t mind though, because they were at the show.

The bottom line, if you’re any good, it will appear on P2P/Torrents.  If other people are spreading the word about you, encourage it.  Start making some good looking T’s, make your live show great, and yes, have CDs/USB Sticks/Vinyl for those who want that physical product.

It’s all about adapting to the New Music World.

Make Great Music,


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