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Personalizing Your Band Merch

August 8, 2008

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I was on John Mayer’s blog the other day and was reading a few post by a guy in his crew/entourage/some-sort-of-employed affiliation. All the recent posts were about the merch for the current summer tour.

What’s interesting is they have city specific merch for the road. Most artists have shirts with the all the tour dates on the back or something specific to the country they’re in. JM’s merch is specific to the SHOW and that specific EXPERIENCE.

For example, on the Chicago date on the tour, they had a shirt called “Windy City Love”, a play on the song “City Love” (picture is above). The specific show information is on the back of the shirt.

If you’re a John Mayer fan from Chicago, that shirt is tailored specifically for YOU.

I think that’s pretty cool.

If you’re an indie without the cash to get a bunch of custom style shirts, you can still get creative with your customization. Maybe you play a certain local venue a lot, you could do a joint deal with the venue to create a T-shirt that incorporates both you and the venue’s name into the design. They could sell it there all the time, promoting you (and hopefully making you cash) when you’re not even there.

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