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MuteMath: Building Hype on the Cheap

August 4, 2008

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MuteMath is one of my favorite bands and I’ve been anticipating their new album for a while now. I’m on the email list and have lately been getting emails about new vlogs on the recording of their new album. So obviously, I checked it out.

What I really like about the new teaser videos they have is that they’re just that. You don’t hear full songs, you only hear certain parts being recorded. You naturally get curious about what the whole song sound like.

To go even further, they go to the streets of New Orleans and do a listening test to get the people’s reactions. Of course they don’t let you hear it, so you get frustrated, but it builds excitement.

At the end of each video, they keep letting us know the new album is coming. I’m getting more and more excited each time I see a new vid.

This costs hardly anything except some time to record and edit these videos. It builds the excitement for the new release while slowly giving the fans new content (though no new full songs are available yet).

These vids will probably only excite the hardcore fans, but it’s the hardcore fans who’ll spread the word.

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