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The Ramones: Band as a Brand

August 2, 2008

Ramones T-Shirt

In a recent post by Bob Lefsetz, he mentioned the continued relevance of The Ramones. Everything he discusses revolves around how The Ramones built their sound and image (their brand) to a point where people still get into them years after their break-up. The key point he makes is they (and the estates of Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee) make significant cash on the sale of T-Shirts (not records) today!

Thanks in part to P2P.

But you know what’s generating a ton of cash today? THE T-SHIRTS! Yup, the cred of the Ramones, the innovation, the geekiness, has people dedicating themselves to the band DECADES hence. When the flavor of the moment is long gone, the credible acts live on. The Ramones didn’t realize it wasn’t about a hit, but the essence. That they created their own art form, the under two minute punk single. And for that, and the way they sold it/performed, they will never be forgotten. So they’re making money off t-shirts as opposed to records…WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE! Furthermore, it was the free availability of the music P2P that kept the legend alive, that is causing everybody TO BUY those t-shirts!) -Bob Lefsetz on The Ramones


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